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Thomas Sandberg CSAN

My name is Thomas Sandberg, I am a board certified animal naturopath and I am the founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, a 30-year observational study into longevity and cancer prevention in dogs and cats. 

Contact us:
Support ticket/email: Use the button on the bottom (right) of your screen.  
Phone: 844 SOS PETS (844.767.7387)


Long Living Pets Research Projects
I'm following and documenting over 6000 dogs and 1000 cats from around the world being fed a diet of raw meats and bones. This is the world's largest and longest observational study into raw fed dogs and cats. 
I created this online store to support the research programs and a new rescue and rehab center that I will open in 2020. These projects are funded by me and sales from this site and from donations by pet lovers around the world. Thank you all. 


Poco Bonkers

In January 2020 I opened Poco Bonkers (this store). I have always felt I'm a "little crazy" (Poco Bonkers), but in a good way. I enjoy sports like alpine skiing, surfing and sailing, I cross country ski with my dogs in the back country. I do enjoying being different.

My goal is to create a brand name around unique high quality products for women and men. Poco Bonkers will help fund Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center. The profits from the sale of these products will go to the center.
I thank you in advance for any purchase you make.  Please share this site with your friends.


Thomas Sandberg, CSAN, CCNC, AADP

  • Board Certified Animal Naturopath (ACAN)

  • Board Certified in Canine Nutrition Counseling (CAN)

  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) 

  • Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects (2000-2030)

  • Founder of Long Living Pets Research Foundation. Inc a nonprofit organization raising funds for research into longevity and cancer in pets using an all natural approach.

  • Founder of Long Living Pets Research Academy, a private community of raw feeders and pet parents that are apply holistic modalities to keep their pets healthy.  

  • Founder of Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center. We rescue unadoptable pets from shelters that due to lack of funds will be euthanized.   

If you like to make a donation please go to:


Poco Bonkers dba. Cito Navigia LLC
PO Box 477
Oakley, UT 84036

To contact us: 
Support ticket/email: Use the button on the bottom (right) of your screen.  
Phone: 844. SOS PETS (844.767.7387)

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